Blender to Game Engine Export

This add-on is used to export your scene from Blender to your game engine of choice. Features Load model(s) to file directory and change names Export the scene objects as .obj or .fbx in one group or individually Adjust size and axis of objects depending on the engine (current engine Unity, UDK, UE4) Your selections, […]

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VERTEX Magazine : Recommended for Budding Digital Artists

After traversing the poly count website and forums looking for materials to improve art for games, one post lead to the webpage which is where you can find VERTEX Magazine. Currently 2 volumes available, they are free to download and each consists of 300 pages jammed packed with content from artistic talent across the […]

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Experiences with Modeling for 3D Printing

Just over a year ago, my brother and I discovered the world of 3D printers.We both had interests in getting one as he was previously a machinist/ fabricator and I was a serial hobbiest, were eager to get 3D printer and we both went in halves for a Solidoodle 2. When this little box of possibilities […]

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