Designing Aesthetics from Experiences : Riley Rocket

I find games are an interesting and exciting media to work on. The user intractability with the game’s systems can lead to some interesting results. When designing an interactive experience, I would create some cool mechanic idea and experiment. These often ended up as a weekend prototype that probably never see the light of day. […]

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Dark Souls 2: Challenge and Choice In Level Design

Dark Souls was one of my favourite experiences to date. Its music, combat and overall design was used to make you feel small and insignificant so as you progressed through the game, your skill and dedication felt empowering by beating all odds. When I got Dark Souls 2, I was eager to play it and […]

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Aspiring game designers, watch Extra Credits.

Before I started in the game industry, I found it quite difficult to find resources on how to get into the industry and improve my skills in game design. After searching for more information on designing games, I came across Extra Credits. Their videos have provided a variety of subjects in the game development process and is a […]

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