Before I started in the game industry, I found it quite difficult to find resources on how to get into the industry and improve my skills in game design. After searching for more information on designing games, I came across Extra Credits. Their videos have provided a variety of subjects in the game development process and is a great resource for any aspiring game designers wanting information about the game industry and best game development practices.

From the first time I found their videos, I stayed tuned for their weekly episodes. Their library has cover subjects from how to become a designer to discussing external factors that impact the game industry. Each video takes a topic and discusses it so the information is explained in great detail and easy to understand, kickstarting your thoughts on the subject. I am still an avid Extra Credits enthusiast as these videos still provide industry expertise and provide valuable skills to practice in game design.

Thank you for reading and here was the first video i watched that got me into watching Extra Credits.


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