Challange the Channel

Roads and Marintime services approached Unsigned Studio to create an interactive game that could attract users and teach them about RMS’s new 10 point safety plan. The goal of the player was to make it back to the dock safely while following the new rules. My role was creating the low poly environment and the sound for the project.

The environment consisted of low poly assets derived from the asset store and custom made set pieces. all asset then had PBR Materials applied so correct light and reflections added a bit of flair with the light. To give an organic feel, the assets were sculpted then decimated to get the randomised topology.

Since the playthrough was against the clock. The backing track could be contextual to the environment and create a sense of urgency as we could predict where the player would be along the track. The team wanted to create a retro styled track reminsant of the 64 game wave racer, so the track was created with Sunvox and my Korg Monologue.

Organic objects were sculped and manmade were modelled. All rendered with PBR materials to get nice low poly lighting
Sunvox on the left, Unity3D on the right and my chiptune/ synth setup below.
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