With so much gone, there is only life.

Moving to a new city. I decided to use it as reset and set the goal to lose weight and get healthy.

I achieved more that I could possibly imagine, however kilo by kilo and becoming more accepted by people, the weight loss became all encompassing and it consumed my life. It got to the point were my heart beat was well below average and was hospitalised.

Now I have moved again, regained a healthy lifestyle and I regained my passion for music. So this album is homage to that time and what i overcome.


Synthwave with NES Chiptune flavourings for a massive nostalgia trip trickled with bright uplifting eletronic tones. Best enjoyed with close friends and childhood memories.


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Cover art created with watercolour
Adding that classic analogue sound to capture the 80s
Tool of choice for adding the chiptune elements to the track
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