Shoot Them Blimps

Shoot Them Blimps was a week project at Qantm’s game competition.¬†Participants had to create a game which was inspired by one of four pieces of music chosen by the judges. From the chosen piece “Sucker Punch” by Jonathan Coulton, I created a¬†wave based, dog fighting when you have to protect your battle ship for as long a possible.

The first section of lyrics describes that the trouble keeps coming so I interpreted that as the enemies keep coming and all the toy fighter planes in the music video inspired me to create a dog fighting game.

This project, I worked by myself and used unity to create it however I decided to expand my skills and learn to code in C# for the game. The textures for the terrain either came from unity’s assets or from cg textures and then manipulated in Photoshop and any sound effects were taken from and then manipulated with Audacity. The explosion assets are from Unity’s detonator package and the music playing is Santa Muerte “Chevy Chase”.

Recording of Shoot Them Blimps gameplay.
The song "Sucker Punch" by Jonathan Coulton.
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