Unmanned Submarine


This build was a test to see what other terrain types my Terrain Splatmap Generator was suitable for. Someone suggested to make an underwater level.

Using terrain.party, I collected data from a bit north of Brisbane. After importing and applying this to the terrain’s HeightMap, the Terrain Splatmap Generator quickly textured the area.

For the underwater vegetation, Yughues Underwater Plants was used and Unity’s default Water for the ocean. The last part was to create the Underwater effect which is a combination of linear fog, short depth of field, bloom, Fish eye and colour correction. this effect is switch off when you go above the surface of the water.

When this was setup, I went to create a way you can explore the ocean depths.

Game Ready Unmanned Submarine

I researched ways the player could move around the water level. This ended up to be an unmanned submarine. After watching a few videos of underwater footage and how their controller setups work. I mapped the sub to an Xbox controller with the movement constraints exposed. With this, I could adjust the values to get the same movement in the videos.

As ocean currents played a part in the movement, I added functionality to add forces to the RC so it shift with the currents.

The original prototype used a couple of primitives to make the submarine shape. The next step was to create the submarine body. Above is the end result and was built with 3DS max, X Normals and the Quixel Suite.

The end result work well for the short amount of time spent.


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