After traversing the poly count website and forums looking for materials to improve art for games, one post lead to the webpage which is where you can find VERTEX Magazine. Currently 2 volumes available, they are free to download and each consists of 300 pages jammed packed with content from artistic talent across the digital media industry.

Created by Ryan Hawkins, it is developed from a community of artists who want to to see resources like this available to people interested in digital art. He seeks content from all areas of the digital entertainment industries and the articles focus on the design, theory and process of a variety of different artistic disciplines. the articles are created by industry professionals and range form concept art processes to technical modelling and sculpting. Each artificial goes into an in depth analysis and discusses the topic in detail with step by step instructions to the techniques and processes in the tutorials.

This has been a great resource to refer to for game art and the artistic process in the development of games. I would recommend this free resource to anyone who is in or thinking about an artistic career in the digital media industry. If you enjoy the magazine please download, share and support

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